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Personalized Crystal Elixirs

Crystal elixirs are a beautiful medicine that can help move people through emotions and stuck patterns. Stones are here on earth to help us let go of our addictions: addictions to behavior patterns, emotions, substances, or even T.V. They work deeply and permanently in our subconscious level of being and have the capacity to move energy on many levels, even upgrade our DNA.

My mom, Ana, has a holistic counseling practice in Massachusetts. She has a wonderful relationship with her clients and works with many different modalities. In the past couple years, stones have been coming up for her in conversations with clients; and, as it has, she has offered a crystal elixir made by her beautiful and talented daughter, me. :) It's amazing how more and more people are opening up to the healing of crystals.

She and I work together to discuss where a client is and what they would like. From there, I intuitively work with the stones to see which ones will step forward to work with that person. It is a process where my higher self is connecting with the other person's to make this incredible medicine intended for that one person at that specific time. It is truly your very own medicine.

It has been so rewarding to hear about some of the leaps and bounds people have made while working with the stones. These elixirs are such a beautiful facilitator of healing.

I am now opening up personalized crystal elixirs as a medicine I can make for anyone. If you or someone you know may be interested, please let them know about it. It starts with a 20-30 minutes consultation to talk about where you are and set your intention. From there, I will make the elixir and send it your way.

Something that's awesome: You don't have to live in Boone to do this! You can come in for a consultation if you're local, but, we can also have a chat over the phone or a video chat.

Bonus facts: I use the water from the spring on my land in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains that my husband and I tapped ourselves. I preserve these elixirs with apple cider vinegar. Other preserves available upon special request. (Apple cider vinegar is pretty cool, but may not be everyone's cup of tea.)

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