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Turtle Sun Healing is a service created by Ali Pack in Boone, North Carolina.  Ali grew up in Massachusetts and went to college in Virginia to be an Elementary Teacher.  She loves working with kids and being outside.  These two passions led her into the world of Outdoor Education, teaching ecology in both California and Maine before landing in Boone, NC.  She moved to Boone to teach 3rd grade at Two Rivers Community School and fell in love with these old mountains and the community they hold.  

As she taught, she also delved into the healing arts and took courses in the Emotion Code, Stone Medicine and Reflexology. She began to renew an affection for these modalities and so Turtle Sun Healing was born. 

Ali lives in an off-grid house in the woods outside of Boone and spends her free time outside with her husband, her daughter and her dog.  She is deeply devoted to creating a safe space where healing can be facilitated. 

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