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What People Say...

After a session with Ali I have felt very tangible results of relieved pain, greater clarity in emotional struggles, anad a restored reservoir of energy.  Throughout the journey of healing, Ali's open heart and ability to listen without judgement create a true safe space.  The Emotion Code cleanses, and Ali's stone practice offers deep restoration--together both healing arts form a complementary, balanced experience.  --M.C.


I really enjoyed doing the Emotion Code with Ali.  It has helped me to see that I was holding on to so much that I needed to let go of in my life.  It has helped me to feel more confident in my life and has shown me what I need to do and where I need to be.  Ali was an amazing person to work with.  I felt relaxed and felt no pressure to tell any or all of the details of the emotional journeys I went through.  She was very supportive and willing to listen anytime I needed to talk.  I would recommend everyone experience Emotion Code work at some point in their life.   --J.H.


For years I was hobbled by chronic achilles tendon pain.  I even pondered giving up running, an unfathomable and devastating thought.  After my first session, the pressure in my ankles released and my mobility was restored.  Every now and again, when I'm stressed, the pain returns and I require a tune-up.  However, I look forward to the sessions because they are enjoyable and revelatory.  I learn who I am as an emotional being. --A.P.


Thank you so much for the Emotion Code session! The Emotion Code work was powerful.  I did not go to the chiropracter this week -- I canceled because my back felt better than it has in weeks. --C.R.

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