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​​What Is It?

  • Pressure is applied to areas of the feet with a variety of  techniques. 

  • Relaxes, eases pain and naturally moves the body towards a state of homeostasis to aid in the healing process.  

  • Blockages and deposits can be detected on the feet and give a practitioner an idea of which organs in the body may need some support.  

  • Works through the nervous system, sending energy and blood flow through the body.

Why Try It?

  • It feels good!  Who doesn't love a great foot rub?

  • It helps to reduce discomfort of many sorts, manage chronic conditions and move through injury and dis-ease.

  • It's a preventative form of health care but can also aid and assist in healing a number of health challenges.

Who Can It Help?

  • Those who feel stressed, overwhelmed or anxious

  • Athletes who want to optimize performance and are seeking body maintenance

  • Anyone who wants to move through injury

  • Those who have a foot pathology they want to better

  • Those who want to support a system of the body

  • Those who want to do something really good for themselves and their body, mind and spirit

  • EVERYONE! It helps so many things in so many ways.

Ali is an American Reflexology Certification Board Certified Reflexologist.  She has completed a 200 hour course in the modality and moved through the testing and documentation requirements for the Board.

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