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Stones and Crystals

Ali's stone teachings come from Sarah Thomas, passed to her by the 88th generation Taoist priest, Jeffrey C. Yuen.  This ancient knowledge of crystal healing power is beginning to resurface.  


The mineral kingdom is what plants rely on for life.  All life on our planet relies on the plants.  Stones and crystals are the grandmother of plants and herbs and their medicine heals deeply and permanently.


Stones and crystals are placed on and around the body on specific points to relax and heal the body.  Stone treatments are energetically similar to acupuncture sessions.


Stone and crystal elixirs are a vibrational medicine created by placing stones in water.  The elixirs can be preserved and taken from a dropper bottle.  Ali creates personalized elixirs for clients to help them move forward and let go.  

To order an elixir, go to my booking page by clicking HERE and make a consultation appointment.  To learn more about the process, click HERE

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