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Running and Reflexology

If you're anything like my husband, you have running goals and plans and want your body to cooperate. It can be frustrating when a run is slow because of a sore muscle or it feels like you are constantly doing body maintenance work just to keep up. Reflexology is a therapy that can help runners and other athletes recover faster, and, it's enjoyable!

I have an aversion to body flossing, muscle rolling and any of those other painfully good things that we as athletes are encouraged to do to keep our bodies in check. I try to do it and do it consistently. (I'm sure some of you are better than me.) But, it's hard and sometimes it doesn't feel good or it feels like a lot of work. I'm here to offer another tool.

Reflexology is a focused foot therapy where all the different systems of the body can be worked. Not only does it provide your base, your feet, with some much needed TLC, it benefits all the systems in your body. It helps the body maintain homeostasis so it can heal faster...whether or not that is recovery from a workout.

A study done in Australia at Bonash University found that reflexology can remove lactic acid from the body four times faster than a regular massage. Other studies show that reflexology increases circulation of oxygen and nutrients, helps with the elimination of CO2 from the lungs, relaxes the body and eases anxiety, reduces pain, increases sleep quality and boosts the immune system. All of those seem like pretty awesome benefits!

Reflexologists work the foot on a physical level that can help with some pathologies that frequently occur in athletes. At the same time, all the different systems of the body are touched on so that any imbalances in the body are addressed. This just leads to faster healing all around.

These are definitely some great reasons to try reflexology if it's new to you. Athlete or not, reflexology is a balancing and powerful healing modality that truly can cause shifts in the body and promote healing.

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